CredibleBH software does not benefit just one group in your business. The system helps improve efficiencies and processes throughout the company. Therefore, trusted software is designed and developed to support you, regardless of your role in clinical, financial, IT, or practice management services. CredibleBH works with its clients rather than dictating their workflow.


Doctors lead busy lives. In today’s world, web-based, easy-to-use, and infinitely configurable EHR platforms are important to hospitals. CredibleBH offers physicians various solutions to make their professional lives easier and more productive. Credible can be configured for every task and workflow, from “Welcome to our clinic” to “We’re glad you chose us, we’ll take care of the follow-up.” With real-time management, you can conduct assessments, analyze treatments, document interventions, track progress, monitor compliance, and keep your entire team informed of every step.

CredibleBH Solutions

Clinical solutions: Doctors lead busy lives. Today’s hospitals need web-based EHR platforms that are easily accessible and infinitely configurable. CredibleBH offers physicians a variety of solutions to help them be more productive and less stressed at work.

The Credible app can be configured to handle everything from patient care to post-discharge follow-up care. With the real-time management feature, you can conduct assessments, analyze treatments, document interventions, monitor progress, and keep your entire team informed at all times.

Executive Solutions: The management team and board of directors meet with partner representatives several times a year to discuss market trends, industry challenges, and business issues for your company. As part of this partnership, they will help you simplify billing, reporting, and compliance, and enhance your ability to provide excellent patient care.


Financial Solutions: Official company software helps ensure your business gets started quickly, smoothly, and properly. You can even get help closing the first month’s books as they offer setup, tests for payers, and training. They also monitor rate changes for state and federal payers, as well as new billing initiatives. The company also hosts webinars and distributes a monthly newsletter with current and future federal and state initiatives.

IT/EHR Solutions: The IT team continually monitors and optimizes your systems and ensures industry-leading service reliability. Membership ensures that your technology continues to work so you can keep doing what you need to do.